The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

Are you Ready???? Are you ready for this?

Well ready or not, here it is….

My little wood nymphs, styling up the wintery forest, clad in lace, tulle and stripes!!
What an absolutely dreamy day we had playing around amongst waterfalls, fog and a sprinkling of rain, and this is the results of our hard work……

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

Obsessive Creative Design The secrets of the forest

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

As you may have guessed, I am a vintage girl through and through and there are many eras of vintage in this collection, also with a hint of oriental – another passion of mine.
The inspiration came from retro ’80’s glam, right back to art deco chic.
And how impressive is the doll inspired hair and make up, fantastic modelling and Awesome photography from the most wonderful team of experts and friends I have ever worked with, everything all works together so beautifully that when we were shooting this, I was in tears, felt immense pride of all involved and so privileged to be a part of it.

So……. if you like what you see, and would love one of these pieces for yourself, then here is how ordering will go…..
These are my base designs, my concept is ‘every girl deserves a bit of individuality without having to pay a hefty price’, so when you choose your design, you will then work with me to choose colour, fabric and individual touches to end up with your very own original design, or if you like, you can ‘let me loose’ on you design and use my creative ‘juices’ to create something for you. All I will need is you size and measurements and we are good to go!
Because I am a ‘country chick’ , I will need time to gather your fabrics from the city, and as some pieces have an upcycled factor, I will need to hunt for the perfect pieces for your design too, therefore a few weeks will need to be allowed for this as well as making it up, I will be in contact with you constantly to let you know how things are coming along.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving you a detailed look at each design including the price, so stay glued to my blog if you want more information for a particular piece you have fallen in love with.

There you have it….many, many months of hard work, all right here in front of you!
Do you like what you see??

I would really like to thank my team – photography – PR and modelling – Hair – Make up
Tarryn & Libby – Modelling
Courtney – Video & secondary photography

I would also like to thank some wonderful jewellery designers for the use of their beautiful pieces, more details of them in following posts, you will want to visit them….AMAZING!!

Until very soon…..
Love Kirsty XX


51 thoughts on “The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

  1. Tegan Churchill

    Congratulations on your first collection! I could feel the excitement coming through the screen and am so happy to see it all come together for you so awesomely! You have a wonderful talent!

    1. Deidre

      Congratulations on this magnificent First pleased it has come together so well..your designs and materials, along with the colours really shows your fantastic talent.

  2. rajanshreeja

    Congratulations Kirstey!! Lovely collection… it has so much character … the styling and hair/make up goes really well with the theme here… truly vintage! Though they look dramatic here the silhouettes also seem to be very versatile that can actually be worn by anyone easily..
    Great job!

      1. rajanshreeja

        Oh wow.. sure why not… I’m in for all sorts of creative stuff! 🙂 Where is your home town btw? Only geography can be a problem here if at all.. 😛

      2. rajanshreeja

        Hehe.. that’s a bit far.. but ya we can work out something for sure… let me know anything anytime… I’m new to Perth and we don’t have a car yet so moving around is a bit difficult but I guess I will manage… 🙂

  3. Bianca

    What an amazing photo shoot! So many gorgeous clothes and jewels not to mention scenery. All comes together so well and your models look gorgeous. Well done Kirsty, you’re incredibly talented.

  4. Amy@New Adventures

    I love that you styled the Carrie skirts with chambray…because that’s exactly how I plan on wearing mine when the weather gets warm enough! Also, that dress with the chevron stripe is gorgeous….

  5. Mystery Case

    Oh I spy a little Jet Empire Jewellery action and with the Raychael dress. Not sure I can pick a favourite photo but possibly the one of Adelle on her own in the cape. OMG the capes!

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  7. Genevieve

    Kristy, thank you for sending me your link. Your photos show you have been extremely busy. The lace bodice and black and white striped full-length gown is a real stunner. Congratulations. Beautiful looking spot for the photos.

  8. Deidre Pettit

    So refreshing to see such wonderful talent Lace overlay both styles are stunning, the Black/white full length gown is Magnificent, The spot where photo’s taken is Beautiful:)

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