Bring in Spring!

Well, it has been a fabulous weekend for weather!! (I only hope that it repeats itself for next weekend….PHOTOSHOOT!!)
So these are some outfits I put together some time ago (before I remembered to take photos before I cut into clothes) and since Spring is just around the corner, I thought it good timing…

A basic girls t-shirt makes up this outfit which I heavily embellished with recycled fabric roses and ribbon (I really enjoyed doing the embellishing, – I think sitting and hand stitching is equivalent to the meditative state that knitters and crocheters get in to – something I have not mastered and admire those who do create beautiful pieces)

Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design upcycle Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design handmade Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design girls Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design girls upcycle  Bring in Spring Girls upcycle handmade

The skirts are made from curtains and curtain lace – simple

And the girls did a great job of modelling again …..awww look how little Miss D is……
I really have to get Master J out for a few photos, just because (we are getting plenty of the girls)… much as he aims to please us, I think asking him to model girls clothing is crossing the line.

pssssttt…..Be sure to keep an eye out for a mini ‘Girls Collection’ to go with the ‘Addicted to Lace’ collection coming soon

Love Kirsty

13 thoughts on “Bring in Spring!

  1. jo

    I’m quite sure that Little Miss D is going be be a Top Model one day, she’s got the look. Both girls look beautiful Kirsty.

  2. Tegan Churchill

    I know I say this in every comment but you are so talented and I really love looking at your creations! I can’t believe that such beautiful creations can be made with scrap clothes, it’s amazing.


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