Grandpa Style

I found this grandpa type shirt at the Petticoat Lane, the op shop in my home town and it immediately reminded me of my sweet Grandad who left to continue his journey in the next world 9 years ago…..WOW, has it really been that long, I still miss him and Grandma sooo much.

I had to have it regardless of whether I could do anything with it or not. and at the grand price of $2, it wasn’t going to “break the bank”.

Once I got it home though, I had amazing ideas running through my head but wittled it down to a dress and since it reminded me so much of my Grandad, I wanted to keep it in the family so decided to make something for my eldest daughter.




I don’t have a photo of the shirt before I got stuck into it but it was a basic man’s shirt with ducks all over it.

This is what I ended up with and I have to say, it is one of my favourites…..



I kept the length the same but had to run the sides in.  The sleeves were long but I made them 3/4 length with a slight puff to them and moved the cuffs ( a feature that I love) I also love the way the collar is oversized, it already had a funky shape to it.

I placed a ruffle down each side of the buttons down the front and finished it off with a fabric belt and tiny pocket in a contrasting yellow polkadot fabric.

What do you think?

I think Grandad would have loved to see Miss G rocking this dress, they would have looked a treat sitting together in duck covered matching shirts.

Miss you Grandma and Grandad

Love Kirsty

PS Thank you to my sister for these beautiful photos of Miss G!



13 thoughts on “Grandpa Style

  1. Gail Pick

    wow my gorgeous grandaughter, Gracynne, how so cute you look wearing the new creation mum made, love love love, such a moving story attatched to this outfit. How precious this is. xxx

  2. Trudie @ My Vintage Childhood

    Oh that is so lovely and sweet.
    Thanks for popping by my blog today and for your comments. I’m now following you. But I’ve also popped over to your sisters blog as well. How wonderful, I’m so excited to have discovered you both today. So thanks again for popping by.

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