Giving a classy dress a bit of FUNK!!

I came across this dress on one of my Op Shop adventures and had to have it!!

It was my style of dress in perfect new condition for $5.99 – how could I pass that up?

BUT….it was a size 14 – two sizes too big for me, but I am always on the look out for items to upcycle so I took it, with an idea of what I was going to do to it, and was going to make it something special for a lucky lady in which it would fit ‘like a glove’

This is what I had to start with after I rummaged through my ‘clothes mountain’….


Then I threw in a couple of men’s ties (another thing I love to work with) and sewed everything together and this is what I came up with……




The way I did it all, it actually made it slightly smaller, so IT FITS ME!!(would fit a size 10 – 12)

But I am selling this one, so if you think this is the dress for you and you have the perfect function for it (or you just want to lounge around on the back of a ute on the farm in it), then throw me a message and we can work out a plan!!

Or even if you would like something totally different upcycled from your own clothes or my ‘clothes mountain’, let me know, and remember my collection is out VERY SOON!!

Love Kirsty



14 thoughts on “Giving a classy dress a bit of FUNK!!

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Kirsty just love the dress..your designs are amazing & Gorgeous..I am sure someone will snap up this creation that would make the wearer feel fantastic:)

  2. Mystery Case

    Wow, love what you’ve done with the tie! So glad I’m finding my way round my new laptop and finding time to catch up with blog reading. It’s just not the same on the phone.

  3. Nat McAllister

    I have a HEAP of gorgeous dresses I would love to have upcycled now that I’ve had a bub…what is your pricing and how would we go about doing it given your location and me being in Perth?


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