A perfect little ‘Librarian’ out fit

I was asked to create something special for a sweet little 2 year old and the first thing that came to mind was this awesome butterfly ladies skirt I had lying on top of my ‘clothes mountain’. I loved the fabric but didn’t really have a plan for its ‘rebirth’, this was the perfect opportunity to make it SHINE!

I loved the black border of it, so left it on and made a simple little skirt that was just made for twirling in!

little librarian before

before clothes….

I knew I had a striped shirt which would go nicely with the muted colours of the skirt fabric, so I got cutting and teamed it up with black sleeves from another top and some of the butterfly fabric as a ‘bib’ feature and ruffle.

And there you have it!!
A sweet little out fit!!
Now for a model to show off these threads……

little librarian Upcycle

….complete with librarian style glasses and pageant poses (who taught her those hahaha)

A perfect little Librarian out fit


A perfect little 'Librarian' out fit


A perfect little Librarian Upcycle


girls upcycle origional

What do you think?

Love Kirsty x


15 thoughts on “A perfect little ‘Librarian’ out fit

  1. jo

    Kirsty you really are so talented. Deny is just perfect too. Thanks for today, hope to see you again soon.

  2. Mystery Case

    Having seen the model in action (non photo shoot) but with the walk and talk going on… I must say cutest model EVER!!!

    And fail, I didn’t leave payment for the jacket. Will pop something in the mail this week. Let me know how much. xx


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