Where it all began, the shirt dress.

I thought I would take you back to where it all began, the shirt dress. I did this dress right back in the beginning of my experimenting with clothes. It was for my sister Adelle. It was my first attempt at draping on the dress form so I was really happy with the outcome, and especially the lining I made for it and the neat hand stitching on the inside (Mummy will be proud of me!!)

It is made from a mans business shirt  and has a bit of prettiness in the lace details and a bit of personality with a skull stud (my sister’s signature symbol). I haven’t had the chance to do any more experimenting with shirts again yet which will definitely have to change as Summer approaches as I have so many ideas for them.

A whole collection done from men’s business wear is calling me I think!

The pictures really speak for themselves in this one so I will leave by thanking my gorgeous sister Adelle Cousins for the

photography and her bestie Sheradin Dinsdale for the modelling.

From this..

mens shirt upcycle

To this!

Where it all began the shirt dress

the shirt dress

Obsessive Creative Design shirt dress

mens business shirt upcycle


Let me know what you think!

Love Kirsty x


15 thoughts on “Where it all began, the shirt dress.

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      That is where I get all my clothes from, and my wardrobe of course hahaha.
      My sister and I have always seen the great thing about op shops, even before they became the ‘cool place to go’
      You should check out her blog too
      wherethestyledthingsare.com, hers is a great read too

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Kirsty you have definitely done a great design from the business shirt & lining it really gives it a fantastic look so clever..Adelle’ photo’s are awesome:)

  2. Me

    That is amazing – I love what you have done with a business shirt. I guess there is a reason you are creative and I am an accountant – there is no way I would have thought of doing anything like that with it – the best I could come up with is just wearing it like a dress if it was long enough and I was thin enough !!
    Have the best week and keep those ideas flowing – I love them !!!

  3. Andrea Anthony

    Wat a clever idea, I really like this. great work Kristy, keep those fabulous ideas rolling x


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