Masquerade Ball refashioned dress

I was asked to do a dress for a Masquerade Ball and I instantly thought of a dress that was short at the front and long at the back or a “mullet dress” if you will haha. I loved the colours of the 3 dresses I was given by my client to recreate the new dress from. One of them had a bit of ruching on it so it was only natural to continue it on. As with most of my designs, I could see exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but would it look the way it did in my head?
I was given 3 bridesmaids dresses – a great way to get use out of the many that some people accumulate over the years – imagine what I could have done for Jane… As always, I was taken aback when my lovely client said “I trust you” to cut her expensive dresses. This is the 3 dresses before…

bridesmaid dresses before Obsessive Creative Design

My inspiration first came from the era of masquerade balls with the over the top wigs, white faces embellished with beauty spots, tight bodices with huge bustled skirts and lots of ruching and puckering of fabric which continued on from one of the dresses.
I was thrilled with the results, I used one of the satin skirts from one of the dresses as a lining to attach the soft cream dress on top so I really liked the flash of shocking pink you got when the client walked in it and the cream beaded embellishment from the cream dress tied the whole look together.

masquerade ball dress Obsessive Creative Design  reporposed bridesmaid dress Obsessive Creative Design
My client was so happy with the dress, and looked so stunning in it!

client in masquerade ball dress

Once I’d finished this dress, my client realised that she had forgotten to buy a mask! So, very sweetly, she asked if there was something I could whip up, this is what I came up with….
I made the base from paper-mache.

Masquerade ball mask

After I did I found out that our local newsagent actually sold bases, but doing it from scratch is always worth it I think.
If you have any dresses you would like to be given a fabulous new life, just let me know!
Love Kirsty x


7 thoughts on “Masquerade Ball refashioned dress

  1. Jen Hale

    Wow…wow… and super wow!! Fantastic. I love this dress. Amazing talent and great tips. I’ve got a few old bridesmaid dresses I could do something with..:)

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