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Pretending that I’m doing well ……

I actually cracked it this week…..

Like, full on melt down……

I have been walking that knife edge for a very long time, even got many warnings over the last few weeks with car accidents, car trouble and injuries but, I didn’t listen.

I realise now, that I have been pretending that everything is “honky dory” and I can handle anything when clearly, the universe (and the people who love me)
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Purple Diva

IMG_3265I just read my last post and I wasn’t I in a dark place?

Since then, we have moved AGAIN!! I have had another dark time in the move, finally admitted that I need to work on myself and get some help to do that and decided that I AM ENOUGH, just being who I am without having to prove anything to anyone.  I have stopped DOING and started BEING which means that the things I was DOING to try to prove I am worthy had become a burden, even though those things were the things that I loved to do.

So I stopped everything and just pottered (after I set up another house) and finally, my heart started wanting to do things again.

And this has been the result…..


This dress, a hand me down from my sister, inspired me to get my sewing machine out and rework it into something for the Diva in my life

IMG_3291All I did was partially pull it apart to make it smaller to fit Miss D, she loves it and you all know how she loves a good photo shoot too so here she is in all her divaness, telling me what to do and that we need “better lighting”……….

IMG_3207IMG_3214IMG_3217IMG_3222IMG_3228IMG_3251IMG_3257IMG_3267IMG_3269IMG_3274IMG_3276IMG_3280She’s so damn cute!!

I am not sure when the next time will be that I am back here,I am just going to see where things take me

love Kirsty xxx

I feel pretty, oh so pretty…..

Oh, this kid is a delight when she is in a good mood……

We got stuck into more sewing this weekend and I saw her GRIT developing when she was trying her hand at hand sewing for the first time, she was so patient and persevered…..so proud, considering she has the temper of someone who would set fire to a project if it didn’t go her way!!

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Pillow fights with Miss D

Thanks to my little crafting monkey, Denny, I seem to have found some creative juices!

She came to me last weekend asking for a pillowcase that I didn’t want so she could cut it up to make a dress and I actually got a little buzz and whipped out my sewing machines and helped her with her creations AND thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here is what we came up with…….
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Sugar and Spice and all things NICE!!

I ran out of hairspray the other day…..again…… so put up with my fine hair being flat and droopy.  I usually fumigate my tiny dressing room (office that I have taken over in our cute, tiny house) with hairspray after I have finished messing around with my hair, to get it to stay put and use it on the roots for more lift, although, it was just the other day that I realised how crappy that would be for my lungs………

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Why I have a little jar of CHOCOLATE powder sitting on my dressing table…..

I have always been a “wash my hair everyday” kinda girl, and what a pain in the proverbial that is, especially when you have long hair…….so much time wasted every day amongst the other morning routines of getting kids fed and out the door on time.

I did end up weening myself off of that “addiction” eventually, and with the help of some good old DRY SHAMPOO, I could manage 2, 3 maybe even 4 days between washes!! (thank goodness for the “messy look” trend these days)

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